Since its beginnings in 1988, BENTEC has developed into a well-known manufacturer of endoscopy accessories in medical technology. The main focus is on biopsy forceps, foreign body forceps and scissors for gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, urology, nephroscopy and hysteroscopy.

Thanks to many years of experience and modern production methods, we are able to manufacture products with a permanent quality standard at the highest level. As a manufacturer of surgical instruments, we have a significant manufacturing diversity, in which high-tech is combined with classical production. In addition to our machine production, manual work is still the decisive component.

In order to be able to meet the constantly increasing demands in the field of medical technology and to guarantee high quality instruments at all times, we make every effort to maintain a conscientious and far-reaching quality management system. Our operational process flow is dominated by an uncompromising striving for quality. For you, this means a high degree of safety – not only in view of the quality of the products, but also with regard to their reliable application.

We can also meet your needs in the shortest possible time for customer-specific special productions and special quantity requestsYou need a special version of a product?

Together with you, we will design change requests and assist you with solution proposals. Our profound knowledge of materials and manufacturing enables us to offer the widest possible range of services.

Partnership and customer satisfaction is our top priority.