We have comprehensively revised and modernized our product catalog and are pleased to be able to provide you with the new edition with immediate effect.

The catalog design has also been redesigned in the course of our new communication appearance, whereby special attention was paid to the structure, clarity and contemporary presentation of our product range.

The BENTEC products have been divided into six endoscopic specialties – analogous to our new internet presence. The categorization results from the corresponding application areas of our products. The table design and the structure of the ordering information have also been supplemented and optimized.

In addition, decorative and emotional guiding principle of the field of expertises lead through the product range and complement the factual product illustrations.

Of course we are looking forward to your feedback and/or suggestions for improvement of our new catalog.


The new Medical Devices Regulation presents challenges, but also opportunities.

Together with you, we will find a way to implement the new requirements and find a mutually satisfactory solution.

We are best prepared for the future and for a MDR certification. We would be pleased to offer you the opportunity to point out some possible role allocations as well as regulations in order to be able to continue to guarantee the delivery of our products.

We are looking for you!

BENTEC sees it as its responsibility to regularly offer training positions for young people.

new corporate-design

At the same time as the change of name and introduction of our new word/picture brand BENTEC, our advertising agency also comprehensively revised and modernized the previous appearance.

Our new corporate design picks up the modern and elegant appearance of our new brand and complements it with a corporate typeface full of character, a suitable color scheme and uniform design elements and specifications.

This new appearance reflects our corporate mission statement: exceptional quality standards, groundbreaking innovative strength and excellent know-how.

The introduction of the new appearance took place in September 2019 parallel to the change of name and has since then been continuously implemented in communication and consistently expanded.

Brand and change of company name

A very important step in our company history is the change of name from Ewald Bacher Medizintechnik GmbH to BENTEC Endoscopy GmbH.

The first and therefore most important step in the conception of our new communication appearance was the creation of an independent and unmistakable word mark, which in further implementation will also replace our previous company name, known since 1988.

Our new brand BENTEC is timeless, internationally and EU-wide protected. The name BENTEC stands for the combination of Bacher, endoscopy and technology. As a strong and trustworthy brand, it should enable a high degree of identification with our company and products for customers, partners and employees.

With the change of name we want to continue our success story and document our next step on the way to the future.

Of course, we would be pleased to receive your feedback on this important change of course.